How to Make Money During Upcycles and Downcycles as an Investor in Richmond

How to Make Money During Upcycles and Downcycles as an Investor in Richmond

Professionals in the industry understand the four market phases: recovery, expansion, hyper-supply, and recession. Your awareness of the signs that point towards the beginning of an up or down real estate cycle ultimately determines your potential profits. In addition to the state of the real estate market and the supply of available housing and interest rates, external factors also strongly influence. For example, the pandemic affected the market cycle and real estate trends; as buyers refocused on more home-based lifestyles and less populated lodging options when traveling, savvy investors moved towards offering short-term lodging on sites like Airbnb.

Real estate investing is a business; you must approach it as such, understanding that research is a significant part of the job. You must familiarize yourself with the signs that tell you when to act because timing is critical for investors to maintain a healthy portfolio, despite the current real estate cycle.  As an investor in Richmond real estate, you must be diligent and adjust your strategy as you watch these indicators to achieve long-term success. Navigating the inevitable real estate market changes with a thorough understanding of the cycles allows you to profit. So read on as we explore how to make money during up cycles and down cycles as an investor in Richmond.


During periods of economic growth, demand for housing outpaces the supply, and the construction industry is benefiting from new housing starts. As a result, rental rates increase during this phase as it is difficult to secure space. To make money during this cycle as an investor in Richmond, investors focus on developing or redeveloping properties to sell for higher than market value. The easiest way to make money during up cycles and down cycles as an investor in Richmond is by working with professional investors like RVA Home Buyers to make the highest returns on your investments. 

Hyper Supply

Eventually, the expansion efforts reach a breaking point, and supply will exceed the demand, or a shift in the economy causes a retreat in the demand for housing. While others may act in fear and liquidate their holdings, wise investors will buy and hold at this time to make money during this cycle as an investor in Richmond. You must find properties that will perform well over the long term, taking advantage of this period to capture future equity in investment properties. Over the years, professional investors like those at RVA Home Buyers have built connections with the most highly regarded pros in the industry to quickly assess potential investment properties and handle everything from the appraisal to complete rehabs. 


When the supply far outweighs the demand for housing, the market enters the recessionary period, and vacancies steadily rise. As a result, landlords may offer reduced rental rates to attract tenants. Because real estate is cyclical, To make money during this cycle as an investor in Richmond, investors should set aside funds for recessionary periods to take advantage of deep discounts on an abundance of properties. Seasoned investors understand the potential profits in retaining their holdings as the cycles of real estate continue and cash in during the next phase, recovery. 


An upswing in the economy doesn’t always announce itself with blaring trumpets, so investors must keep a close eye on the many factors that influence real estate cycles. The signs investors that denote the beginning of a recovery phase are an uptick in employment numbers along with a more positive overall public sentiment about the economy and an increase in consumer spending. The business community should match this overall outlook in their view of the economy and expansion, an uptick in employment numbers. In addition, banks are more willing to lend at this time, and national shipping activity increased by rising consumer spending. Therefore, to make money during the recovery cycle as an investor in Richmond, you should be paying close attention and be ready to purchase properties at discounts and hold to sell or rent during the next phase, expansion. Investing with professional investors like those at RVA Home Buyers makes real estate investing easy. 

Professional investors like those at RVA Home Buyers are expert local investors in Richmond real estate who have ridden the up and down market cycles. Let the expert investors at RVA Home Buyers help you make money during up and down cycles as an investor in Richmond. At RVA Home Buyers, our focus is on your success, so we stop and carefully listen because we understand the importance of keeping clear lines of communication. Working with the professional investors at RVA Home Buyers means you’ll benefit from their full-service in-house team of industry specialists, from attorneys to closing specialists. Working with professional investors at RVA Home Buyers, from locating excellent investment opportunities to partial or full-service property management,  means you can rest easy knowing your holdings are in good hands. Call RVA Home Buyers at (804) 420-8515.

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