Want to Build Assets Through Rental Property Equity?

Are you looking for an effective and safe way to build your assets and equity?  Owning one or more rental properties can be an excellent and very rewarding way to build equity by allowing your tenants to pay the expenses of owning the property. However, as in all real estate investments, it is very important … Continued

My Bank Has Started Foreclosure, What Can I Do?

Has your bank contacted you informing you that they are starting the foreclosure process on your home?  A local real estate investment firm specializing in the purchase of distressed properties, RVA Home Buyers, LLC is helping homeowners looking to stop foreclosure on their homes. The firm specializes in the pre-foreclosure or short sale process, can pay … Continued

I’m Moving, How Can I Avoid Most Headaches!

When you decide that you need to move, there is a lot to remember in order to make the move go as smoothly as possible. By the time you pack all the furniture, clothing, and other items you have acquired into boxes, hire movers, and write the checks, your head is probably spinning with other things … Continued