Mistake #2: Not Accurately Estimating Repairs


I am always surprised at how many people buy older homes in Richmond without doing the proper research. It’s important that you know what kind of repair costs are involved before you move forward with purchasing a property, but so many people don’t take this into consideration. This mistake is just one of the 5 Mistakes New Richmond Real Estate Investors Often Make.

Often find older homes in Richmond that need repairs

If you’re considering buying an older home, it’s important to know that repairs can be costly and add up quickly. We often find older homes in Richmond that need repairs. Before making an offer on the property, we need to understand the final goal of your investment and how much money you are willing to spend on it.

Many scenarios exist: You might want to fix up your new home so it looks like a model without spending too much money; or maybe you’ll want to take advantage of some tax deductions by doing most of the work yourself (and hiring professionals for critical tasks); or perhaps even turn things around into an income-producing investment property! Regardless of what path is right for you, we’ll help guide through every step along way so nothing gets overlooked along way!

Important to estimate repair costs

The second mistake is not accurately estimating repair costs. When you’re buying an older home, there will likely be surprises that come up during the inspection and after moving in. It’s important to have a buffer built into your budget for these unknowns, so that when they do arise, they don’t derail your plans or cause you financial hardship.

Need to understand final goal of the property

If you want to buy a house and renovate it, it’s important to understand what your final goal is. What do you want to do with the property? Are there any specific goals that need to be met? Is there a particular use for the building in mind? For example, are you aware of Mistake #3: Not Doing Their Homework.

If you’re looking at buying an old fixer-upper as an investment property or potential rental income, then there are some things that should be considered when determining whether or not this kind of project is right for your current situation. If possible, try to determine how much money could be made by renting out the space (or selling it). Also make sure that there aren’t any zoning laws or regulations preventing such activities from happening in certain areas before making any decisions about purchasing real estate outside those parameters! Here is something else you need to avoid: Mistake #4: Not Being Able to Find Tenants or a Buyer.

Repair costs can be high and add up fast

If you’re not estimating repairs accurately, you could end up overpaying for them. It’s important to understand the final goal of the property and what it will take to get there. For example, if your goal is to sell a house with no major repairs before putting it on the market then this should be taken into account when estimating costs.

In addition to understanding your goals as an investor or homeowner in general, there are many different scenarios that can occur during a renovation project which may affect repair costs such as: unknown surprises (i.e., mold), structural issues such as termites or other pests, structural damage due to water leakage etc.. These unknowns could include unexpected expenses like having an engineer draw up plans because they weren’t included in initial estimates–or even worse–not knowing how much additional work might need done until after some serious damage has already been done!

Estimate for unknown surprises and keep a buffer in your budget for possible setbacks

  • Estimate for unknown surprises and keep a buffer in your budget for possible setbacks.
  • Don’t forget to include taxes and permits.
  • If you are doing the repairs yourself, make sure you have the right tools and materials on hand.


If you’re looking to buy a house in Richmond, it’s important that you know what kind of repairs need to be done and how much they will cost. We hope this article helped answer some questions about the process of buying a home and how to estimate repair costs for yourself or your realtor. If we can help in any way with your real estate investment, please let us know.

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