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We Buy Houses Richmond VA
We Buy Houses Richmond VA

RVA Home Buyers, LLC, a local real estate investment firm specializing in the purchase of distressed properties, is helping homeowners looking to stop foreclosure on their houses. The firm specializes in the pre-foreclosure or short sale process, pay cash, and can settle in as little as 7 days.  They are focused on helping to solve the home owner’s immediate problems.

When faced with possible foreclosure, homeowners should look to local area services that will help find solutions. Whether they are falling behind on monthly mortgage payments or expecting financial troubles in the near future, people can contact counselors to receive advice on the best courses of action for resolving their particular concerns.

These include applying methods in managing personal finances and budgeting that can help them pay their mortgages in full and on time. They can also make and execute plans to reduce debt and restore credit. Most of these service are free and they will evaluate factors like distressed situations, job loss, and a death in the family that have led to their current financial problems.

If homeowner are facing eminent foreclosure in Richmond, RVA Home Buyers will work with them to find a solution that may include a short sale. They have successfully stopped many foreclosures using proven methods, and have been buying home in the Richmond and surrounding RVA area since 1998.

RVA Home Buyers work closely with banks and lenders to stop or delay the foreclosure to allow them to complete the purchase and avoid the homeowner having a foreclosure on their credit. They makes the process as stress-free as possible for their clients, as handle all details and make sure that the homeowners get a fair price for their house. They can often prepare and submit offers for their property within 24 hours of their initial consultation.

Working directly with lenders, they also diligently keep owners informed of the current status of their short sale. Once the parties reach an agreeable sale price, the company looks to close the purchase as quickly as possible when they get a clear title report.

To learn more information on the process or to submit information for a short sale, visit or CALL (804) 420-8515.

About RVA Home Buyers, LLC

The Richmond firm specializes in the fast purchase of houses and other property in order to enable homeowners to stop foreclosure. They help people in distressed situations, like unemployment, situations when a family member has passed away, and those who are looking to sell a property that they no longer want or need.

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