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A real estate agent’s job is to help you sell your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s also important for agents to understand how customers feel about the showings process. If you’ve ever taken part in a showing, then you know it can be an unpleasant experience. Here are some ways to make sure your home has as little impact on your life as possible during the selling process. You should also make sure you are aware of 4 Reasons to Skip the Hassle of Listing and Sell Your Richmond Home to an Investor Instead that includes Waiting for Purchase Offers to Come in and Cost of Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Richmond, VA.

Property showings can be an annoyance

Property showings can be an annoyance to sellers and their families, but they’re essential for finding a buyer.

You may not have much control over when property showings take place or how often they occur, but here are some tips for making the most of your time with prospective buyers:

  • Keep children and pets out of sight during open houses. It’s one thing if someone wants to see what your family home looks like; it’s another if they have to stop mid-sentence because there’s a toddler running around with no pants on. If you have pets in the house, keep them locked up somewhere safe until after all visitors have left so as not to distract visitors from looking at the property itself (and potentially make them feel uncomfortable).

Children or Pets

If you have children or pets, it’s important to keep them out of sight when showing the house. They may be curious about the visitors and want to come out and meet them, but this can be distracting for both parties. It also may not be appropriate for your guests if they see children running around without supervision or behaving poorly (this is especially true if your guests are older). Additionally, if there are any allergies present in your family members–especially if they’re severe ones–it could make them uncomfortable to be around certain animals or plants.

Coordinating with your real estate agent on showings

The biggest hassle for sellers is coordinating with your real estate agent on showings. You have to give them as much notice as possible, because if a showing comes up at the last minute and you can’t make it, then there will be another one scheduled right after it. The best way to avoid this problem is by being proactive in setting up showings yourself with your own schedule in mind. It’s also important that you communicate clearly what times are best for viewing properties so that the agent can accommodate these needs without any confusion or miscommunication between parties involved (you and them).

If an issue arises during a showing–like if someone gets lost on their way there–it’s important not only that they let us know right away but also how we can help them get back on track ASAP! If we don’t hear from our clients within 24 hours after being contacted by potential buyers/visitors then it becomes difficult for us as agents because those people could end up purchasing another home elsewhere before ever considering ours again…

Showings are also inconvenient

Another problem with showings is that they can happen at inconvenient times. If you have a busy schedule or frequently travel, it’s possible for a showing to occur when you’re not able to be there. This makes things more complicated for both sides of the transaction and can cause unnecessary delays in getting your property sold or rented.

Slow response times arranging for showings

  • Response times can be slow due to busy schedules.
  • Response times can be slow due to travel.
  • Other priorities may take precedence over responding to showings requests, such as other clients or projects in progress.
  • If you’ve been waiting for an agent to get back to you about a showing, it might not be that they don’t care about your interests; it’s possible that they simply haven’t had time yet! Don’t forget that real estate agents are people too–they have lives outside of work just like we do, so sometimes things happen outside of their control (for example: illness). But if this happens more than once or twice and/or becomes a trend over time, then perhaps it would be better if we found another agent who could better meet our needs?

A successful sale depends on:

A successful sale depends on coordination between buyer and seller.

A successful sale depends on communication between buyer and seller.

A successful sale depends on cooperation between buyer and seller.


As you can see, there are many reasons why a property showing is important. If you’re selling your home and want to avoid the hassle of showings, it’s time to start shopping around for an agent who can help make this process easier on everyone involved. If you have asked yourself Sell My House Fast Richmond, VA, we can help!

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